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The Robbie Rocket Foundations aims and core values centre around the health and wellbeing of children, encouraging children to be honest, being fair to others, respect, sportsmanship, increasing self esteem and being aware of the effect of their actions on others and being a good citizen. To realise these aims, we have prepared a programme of PSHCE Lifeskills Workshops to be delivered to primary School children in their school environment, we have added the letter C to our workshop title as we believe being a good citizen is so important. Our workshops are a tool to aid the programme of study Schools use for PSHE. Each session has been developed in line with the DfE's National Curriculum Framework guidance to promote good behaviour, health and wellbeing in schools throughout the UK. All schools should make provision for PSHCE education, drawing on good practice. (DfE National Curriculum Framework, section 2.5)

Our workshops are based around our children’s story book, the adventures of Robbie Rocket, with the book being read to the children with coloured illustrations being shown on a big screen, the children will also take part in physical activities and thought provoking question and answer sessions to ensure the learning is revisited and reinforced.

The children find the book really exciting and fall in love with all the characters, especially Robbie Rocket, which helps them take on board the essential life skills needed for their future.

Every workshop offered by The Robbie Rocket Foundation is age and stage appropriate and lasts for around an hour.

Our objectives are:

  • - To underpin schools' National Curriculum Framework PSHCE provision, supporting a "Broad and balanced curriculum that promotes their good behaviour and safety", as identified in Ofsted's 2013 PSHE Education Report.
  • - To facilitate the fulfilment of a school's statutory responsibility to: "support their pupils' spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life", as set out in section 78 of the Education Act 2002.
  • - To offer a unique learning opportunity based on the book; The Adventures of Robbie Rocket, promoting pupils' understanding of the key concepts of honesty, fair play, teamwork, taking responsibility, making friends, valuing differences, valuing yourself and living a safe, healthy & active lifestyle.

We invite schools to use our PSHCE Life Education Workshops to build on their own PSHCE activities as part of a whole school approach and prepare their pupils for life, now and in the future.

We look forward to being part of your School.

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The Adventures of Robbie Rocket

Robbie Rocket is the lead character in Rob Green's self-published Children's Book; The Adventures of Robbie Rocket. The story follows an aspiring young footballer as he faces rejection, ridicule and bullying which results in a lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

Robbie's life changes when he is taken to a magical place called Soccer Island. There he meets a new set of friends who teach him how to respect himself and achieve his goals.

In the NSPCC's 2015 Annual Review, a reported 35,244 counselling sessions due to low self esteem and unhappiness were held in the UK between March 2014 and April 2015. Rob identified some synergy between the messages of his book and the findings of children's services and decided to develop a programme of workshops to help schools within their PSHE remit to help raise morale and confidence in children.

Rob has used his book and the characters portrayed to encourage honesty, being fair, being a good citizen and showing kindness by treating others with respect.

 The Robbie Rocket Foundation offers a unique opportunity for schools to introduce pupils to the Robbie Rocket principals of active lifestyle, healthy living and respect for others. Rob hopes that you too will see the beneficial teaching tool The Adventures of Robbie Rocket could be.

The Robbie Rocket Foundation staff not only teach our children to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through Sport but also teach our children valuable life skills which enhance the aims and core values we promote at our school.

DC Headteacher




At The Robbie Rocket Foundation we have recognised that physical education at an early stage in a child’s life is so important in helping children lead an active lifestyle.

We believe that encouraging children at a young age to exercise regularly will prevent children from becoming obese in adult life.

We have developed various active lifestyle workshops for children aged 3 to 7 years old where children interact and copy the attention grabbing fun activities Robbie Rocket performs on the big screen. The exercises involve various Maths games including counting and times tables, an excellent way to help the children actively learn.

We can come to your school or nursery and provide our active lifestyles workshops for your children, which will not only provide fun, energetic and active exercises but also enhance the essential elements of the Maths curriculum.


We have recently recruited several education advisors who have a vast knowledge of the PE curriculum through degrees in sport Development and education.

They specialise in providing your school with support through every stage of the school year process.

Our aim is to exceed all expectations your school has for PE and sport, and provide everything needed to allow potential to be fulfilled. Our services include:

  • An initial meeting with the Primary Link teacher and head to ascertain what the school needs for P.E and what they are aiming to achieve for the children and school as a whole;
  • Termly meetings to aid in the assessment process and ensure children are reaching the necessary attainment levels for their key stage;
  • Initiatives and planning to ensure the school is meeting the government’s targets for sport and PE, including out of school hours learning and making use of resources available to promote sporting opportunities for all;
  • All session plans and schemes of work provided for your files

Teaching staff will also benefit from:

  • Eased workload allowing time for lesson planning and preparation;
  • Dedicated time for assessment and moderation


Our Coaches

The Robbie Rocket Foundation are proud to host a magnificent team of coaches offering an extremely high level of sports coaching to anyone who is keen to have fun and learn through sport.

We believe we are in a privileged position in that we are able to influence children's habits at such an important stage of their development. We feel it is crucial that our coaches perform to the best of their ability and that activities are inclusive to all children in the group.

Experienced in coaching children of all ages, our team have all worked with children for a number of years before joining The Robbie Rocket Foundation.

Excellent role models for healthy and active lifestyles, The Robbie Rocket Foundation team are highly motivated, enthusiastic and encourage active participation from pupils and activity club members.

We understand that high quality coaching requires high quality coaches. We have a rigid screening process to determine which applicants become sports coaches for The Robbie Rocket Foundation. This ensures children benefit from the best possible coaching and that our coaches are working towards each child's individual strengths.

Our coaches are:

  • - DBS checked.
  • - First Aid Trained.
  • - Qualified in a variety of different sports.
  • - Experienced PE coaches.
  • - Experienced in coaching children of all ages.
  • - Highly motivated and enthusiastic.
  • - Encourage every child's active participation.
  • - Role models for living a healthy & active lifestyle.

The coaching values we promote & practice are:

  • - Recognise and meet the individual needs of every child and put this at the forefront of everything we do.
  • - Make every child feel valued, cared for, appreciated and inspired, allowing them to enjoy the benefits sport offers.
  • - The use of sport, exercise and a healthy diet to improve the fitness of all.
  • - The promotion of sportsmanship;

Modest in Victory, Gracious in Defeat.

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The children love their PE lessons with Rob and The Robbie Rocket Foundation team. We always find the team professional, polite and respectful, and the coaches can adapt to any last minute changes we sometimes have to throw at them.
JG Headteacher Trinity First School

Max loves the after school club and as a parent its great to know he is keeping healthy and active whilst having fun at the same time. The Robbie Rocket Foundation after school club is great for us working parents.

SB Mum

After School Child Care

 Our Healthy & Active Lifestyle Childcare provision offers a unique concept in children’s after-school care. We believe our sessions offer childcare that makes a real difference; promoting health, safety and well being through professionally led physical activities and learning about healthy eating.

The Robbie Rocket Foundation’s aims and core values centre around the health and wellbeing of children, increasing self esteem and being aware of the effect of their actions on others. Our after school childcare sessions provide 3 hours of fun with rewards to recognise achievement and good behaviour.

Working parents and carers enjoy peace of mind knowing that their child is safe, happy and healthy. School children enjoy extended social time with their friends. Schools gain a little extra income via facility hire of their school facilities. Parents and carers pay privately for the provision of Healthy & Active Lifestyle Childcare. The price includes a drink and a healthy evening meal so that parents and carers can be assured that their child has eaten before being collected; no more rushing to cook dinner after working all day!

Currently only available in Dorset and the surrounding areas, the Robbie Rocket Foundation is now poised to extend its Healthy & Active Lifestyle Childcare provision to selected schools across the UK. We would love to hear from parents and schools who would like to see our Healthy and Active Lifestyle Childcare sessions offered in their area. Drop us an email or call us for an informal chat.

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Just to say a big thank you to Rob and his team, Finley has loved his time at the holiday club and has met a lot of new friends. There was not one sport Finley didn’t enjoy, cant wait for the next one.

MG Nan to Finley

School Holidays childcare


We at the Robbie Rocket Foundation are watching the government announcements very carefully, and we are ready to run our Summer holiday healthy and active lifestyles childcare club if needed.

At the moment it is a bit of a waiting game, but please be assured that behind the scenes we are putting together the processes and procedures to keep all your little ones safe when they attend our club.

Please keep checking your emails for updates and we will let you know as soon as we can open again.

Yours in sport





Next Club Date:


Branksome rec cricket pavillion, Branksome recreation, recreation road, BH12 2EA 

8.30 - 3.30 - £15 per day - £55 for 4 days

8.30 - 5.30 (extended day) - £5 extra per child per day

8.30 - 12.30 (half day) - £10 per day

Summer Holidays:

Venue, times and costs same as May:

Week 1 - 27th July - 31st July

Week 2 - 3rd Aug - 7th Aug

Week 3 - 10th Aug - 14th Aug

Week 4 - 17th Aug - 21st Aug

Week 5 - 24th Aug - 28th Aug















The Robbie Rocket Foundation is thrilled to have been given an opportunity to extend our School Holiday Clubs to Branksome rec cricket pavillion, in all of the school holidays. We also have access to a large indoor space in case of poor weather conditions.

In keeping with our ethos of promoting our core values which centre around the health & wellbeing of children; increasing self esteem and being aware of the effect of their actions on others, we are offering a unique and quality childcare option for busy parents and carers or those looking for sporting activities for their children during the holidays.

Our School Holiday Clubs offer varied sports activities, delivered by enthusiastic, DBS cleared and First Aid trained, professional sports coaches. Parents and carers are asked to provide a healthy packed lunch and a non-fizzy drink.

We believe strongly in rewarding children for good behaviour and achievement; medals are awarded to those demonstrating fair play, kindness, sportsmanship and participation. A trophy will be awarded to the Player of the Week.

Here is a quote from one of the mum's whoes child attended our Easter Holiday Club:

Hi Robbie,

Just wanted to drop you an email as Jack had such a great time last Friday. Usually I only get Good or OK when I ask about his day, but he couldn't tell me enough about the activities, the other children and yourself.

So thanks for giving him a fabulous day, he's looking forward to the next time he can come!



Here is a quote from one of the children who  attended our Summer Holiday Club:

I have been to many holiday clubs before but this is the best ever. Thomas year 6 Yarrells School.

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The Robbie Rocket Foundation was founded by sports coach and active lifestyles advocate Rob Green to help children learn essential skills to keep them happy, healthy and active, safe and full of self-esteem. Teaching honesty, being kind to others, respect, and being a good citizen as well as sportsmanship and fair play.

Rob has worked in Schools for over 17 years and has written a children's book, based on a character called Robbie Rocket whose adventures lend themselves perfectly to educating children about self-esteem, honesty, fairplay, health, safety and friendship.

The Robbie Rocket Foundation has recently developed a programme of PSHCE Lifeskills Workshops to support schools in meeting their PSHCE objectives, our workshops are designed to enhance the good work Schools provide towards the PSHCE lessons.
We also offer active lifestyles workshops which also incorporate Maths, the children learn to keep active with the help of our character Robbie Rocket, learning various and age appropriate Maths lessons through activities led by Robbie Rocket.

Our Healthy & Active Lifestyle Childcare sessions provide a unique after-school childcare option for parents alongside generating an income for the schools involved. During term breaks, The Robbie Rocket Foundation offers School Holiday Clubs to help children widen their social circle, learn new sporty skills and take advantage of the great outdoors.


In this current financial climate there is no such thing as a guaranteed income
or a safe career, especially with Brexit around the corner. There are many people who have either lost or are worried about losing their job.

At The Robbie Rocket Foundation we offer enthusiastic and dynamic people a fresh start and a challenging and rewarding opportunity to make working with children your business.

The hours are a lot less which will give you much needed quality family time and you are in complete control of your business and life. You will also have the full support from head office in everything you do which gives you great peace of mind.

The Robbie Rocket Foundation offer step by step training to ensure that you are completely ready for your new venture and to guarantee your new career is a success.

As well as the obvious financial rewards franchisees will thrive on the satisfaction of running their own successful business whilst enjoying the benefits of being part of a team and the support from head office.


Franchisees will receive all the information and support required to set up and run their own business.

This will include an operations manual, marketing advice, merchandise, logo stationary, business starter pack which includes all the equipment needed to run our services.

Our support team, headed by our Managing Director Rob Green, will invite you to our head office for a training programme that will include desk based training, which will cover all the aspects of running a Robbie Rocket Foundation franchise, there will also be a practical part of the training programme which will cover all aspects of the services we offer.

By the end of the training programme you will be fully qualified and ready for your new venture.

If you believe you have what it takes or are interested in making educating children your business then why not get the ball rolling and kick off your new career by contacting us on 07745 942711

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By the end of the training programme you will be fully qualified and ready for your new venture.
Robbie Green

Child Care
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About Us

The Robbie Rocket Foundation was founded by sports coach and active lifestyles advocate Rob Green to help children learn essential skills to keep them happy, active, healthy, safe and full of self-esteem. Teaching honesty, respect, sportsmanship and fair play,as well as being a good citizen, Rob has 16+ years experience of working with children; delivering PE coaching sessions in schools, providing after school and holiday childcare and managing community youth football clubs.

The Robbie Rocket Foundation has recently developed a programme of PSHE Lifeskills Workshops to support schools in meeting their PSHE objectives. We are pleased to be rolling out these workshops to schools across the UK from early 2019.

We also offer Schools our Healthy and Active Lifestyle PE lessons which are all age appropiate and cover the National Curriculum.

Our Healthy & Active Lifestyle Childcare sessions provide a unique after-school childcare option for parents alongside generating an income for the schools involved. During term breaks, The Robbie Rocket Foundation offers School Holiday Clubs to help children widen their social circle, learn new sporty skills and take advantage of the great outdoors.

Rob has studied Sports Psychology and is qualified in multiple sports. Rob has been a child protection officer for a youth football team in Dorset for many years and has written a children's book, based on a character called Robbie Rocket whose adventures lend themselves perfectly to educating children about self-esteem, health, safety and friendship.

We welcome you into the world of The Robbie Rocket Foundation. We invite parents, guardians, teaching staff, heads and school business managers to take a look around the various pages on this website and see how the children you care for will benefit from our services.

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The Robbie Rocket Foundation have been coming to our School for over 12 years now and we have always found their standard of professionalism to be 100%.
JC Deputy Head Heatherlands School
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2020-07-22 22:07:44

We at The Robbie Rocket Foundation hope you are all safe and well and made the most of what has been an unusual Summer, we would like to reassure all parents, guardians and even the children that as we all return back to school, we have ensured all our sessions have been designed and planned to meet all government guidelines and will ensure the safety of you children will be put first at all times, we welcome you all back and are looking forward to seeing you all in September.

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Robbie Green

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